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I received my order, but it is damaged!Updated 7 months ago


We are so sorry your shop.ultrapro.com order arrived damaged! Let us help replace it for you. Please click the “Help” icon below and follow these steps:

  1. Select "Help with My Order"
  2. Fill in your name, email address, and order ID
  3. Choose the site you ordered from
  4. Choose "Help with my shipment"
  5. Choose "My order is damaged"
  6. In "Additional Details" provide any details regarding how the packaging arrived and a description of the issue
  7. To expedite the process, please attach:
    • Photo of the damaged item, showing the damage
    • Photo of the shipping box & shipping label
    • Photo of the packing slip
  8. Allow our team a few business business days to process your request

Our team will work with you to resolve your concern.


Please note: Damage claims on sports card packs or boxes will only be accepted before they are opened. Once the packs or boxes have been opened, they are no longer able to be replaced for damage.

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