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How thick is the material used to make Ultra PRO pages?

Ultra PRO's binder pages are made with archival-safe, non-PVC polypropylene film and are measured in microns. Below are a list of our different lines of pages and the micron thickness you can expect from our products. Platinum Pages: 115 micron clear

How many pages fit in your 3-Ring Albums?

For safest storage, we recommend not storing more than 50 pages in our 2" rings (the rings used in 3" albums). These pages should also not have more than 18 cards in each. Storing more pages or overfilling pages can damage your cards by causing the p

Do thick cards fit in 9-pocket pages?

We do not recommend storing cards thicker than 55pt in our 9-pocket pages. The pockets are not gusseted for a thicker card, therefore, can cause damage to the corners and edges or your cards. You could use our 4-pocket toploader pages, which can be f

Do you make pages to hold toploaders, ONE-TOUCH, and Graded Slabs?

Top-loaders: YES (these are also good for thick cards and booster packs). Product Link and Shopping Link. ONE-TOUCH: SOON. Product Link. Graded Slabs: SOON. Product Pages for Beckett and PSA.

When did you change the inner cover material on the Pokémon Premium PRO-Binders?

In 2019, we began the transition from the woven material to a smooth leatherette for the interior of our PRO-Binders. Pictured below is a comparison. Both are our products, and the smooth material is what you can expect from Ultra PRO in the foreseea

Can you add pages to the Eclipse and PRO-Binders?

These binders are bound like a book and cannot be added to. However, if you are looking for a more customizable storage solution for your trading cards, we recommend taking a look at our Albums! The Albums feature three (3) binder rings, allowing you

Why do the front and back of the pages not line up at the top?

This occurs as a result of the machine process, but is also good for the end user!. If the two pieces were cut the exact same length, they might stick together in the manufacturing process, and the top pocket would be harder to open when you try to i