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Game Instructions

Lost an instruction booklet for your favorite game? Fear not! Ultra PRO has got you covered! From Ascension to Killer Bunnies, Shards of Infinity, and all of the other games in our library are available to print and download here!

Ascension Rule Books

Your place for replacement rulebooks for all of Stoneblade Entertainment's Ascension card game!

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Dad Joke Face-Off Rules

Dad Joke Face-Off: The game where you lose if you laugh first. Find rules and examples here.

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Geek Out! Rule Books

Geek Out! by the rules by downloading replacement rule books here!

7 articles
Killer Bunnies Rule Books

Replacement rulebooks for all Killer Bunnies Quest and Conquest boosters.

17 articles
Middle-Earth Series Game Rules

Learn to defend Middle-Earth by the rules by downloading the game rules for The Battle For Middle-Earth and The Hobbit: Defeat of Smaug here!

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Shards of Infinity

Created by the same team that brought you Ascension: The Deckbuilding Game, Shards of Infinity is a strategy game. Download its rules here!

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Other Games

Not finding a game in one of the other sections? That's because it's probably here!

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