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Do your storage containers offer UV protection?Updated 7 months ago

Over the last several years, many of Ultra PRO's accessories have been slowly receiving a material update to include UV-blocking additives.


When our products are advertised as having "UV Protection," that means they are capable of protecting from up to 99.9% of the most harmful UV-C & UV-B rays, along with some UV-A rays. The protection tapers off from the less harmful UV-A rays into the visible light spectrum, so that you can view your collectibles clearly!


UV is particularly important for collectibles that are light-sensitive - like printed materials and autographed items. Even with UV protection, we recommend that you keep your collectibles out of direct sunlight to protect from the minimal UV that comes through the display, as well protecting the item from potential heat damage. Turns out... the sun is still pretty hot, even if the UV isn't getting through.



updated 1/23/2023

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